Son Doong Cave Is The Largest Cave In The World [17 HQ Photos]

Son Doong Cave in Vietnam was found by a local jungle man in 1991 but it was not until 2009 that the cave was re-discovered by a group of badass British scientists in April 2009. The 2.9 mile cave is so massive that it has it’s own unique ecosystem.


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Artist Proves That Outer Space And Scantily-Clothed Women Are An Awesome Combination (PHOTOS)

John Poppleton, an award-winning Utah-based photographer and artist, began his breathtaking Black Light Bodyscapes project back in 2010, through which he portrays nature’s beauty on the backs of female models. Poppleton utilizes fluorescent pigment to paint stunning, vibrant landscapes on these models before photographing them under UV lights; the end result…