Aston Martin 100th Anniversary Centenary Edition Vanquish

Every once in a while a car comes along that makes us want to be a Bond villan, just because it’s almost too cool for 007 himself. This is that car. Two days ago, British luxury sports car perfectionist, Aston Martin, celebrated 100 years of fine automotive craftsmanship.  100 Centenary Edition versions of the V8 Vantage,Rapide and Vanquish will be released this year, the first being released pormptly on the manufacturer’s actual, January 15th 100 year birthday. The elegant Centenary Edition Vanquish is now available for order by application at any one of Aston Martin’s 146 dealers worldwide.

The Bond-Killer, as we’re naming it, comes equiped with more gifts to scratch your luxury itch, just that much more.  A box of presents include two glass keys, two bespoke key pouches crafted from leather matching the car’s interior, solid silver cufflinks featuring the Aston Martin script, a solid silver Rollerball pen and high quality Bang & Olufsen headphones, along with a silver polishing cloth and lets not forget about the laser beam head attachment for sharks.

To apply, you must write an essay with plans for world domination to Aston Martin, then after an extensive anti-background check, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase one.

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