Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks Fans Have A Tailgate Throwdown

This past weekend Rant Sports traveled to Atlanta for the Seahawks vs Falcons divisional playoff game. Before the game they let loyal supporters of the Falcons and Seahawks explain why their team has better fans in an epic Fan Rant.

Atlanta had an obvious home field advantage and they certainly let Seattle have it. Falcons fans decided to hone-in on Seattle’s love of coffee, rainy weather, beards and scarfs. It was a targeted, strategic attack that couldn’t be outmatched by Seattle fans.

Atlanta, you won this week’s Fan Rant but let’s see what happens when San Francisco rolls into town. Sure, San Francisco is another beard loving, coffee drinking, scarf wearing city so the insults won’t be hard to sling but truth-be-told the 49’ers will probably be doing their talking on the field at 5 point favorites.

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