Master-Mind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes (Book)

Everyone wants to be smarter, but alas, as your physical body deteriorates as you age, so does your brain. Without brain teasers and exercises, your brain will eventually turn into mush. Especially if you keep meeting Molly at electro-post-modern-techno shows. So what Maria Konnikova, a psychologist and writer for such publications as the New York Times and The Atlantic, has created is a series of fun dead lifts for your noggin.  She mixes her background in psych with Sir Doyle’s fictional world of intrigue and high-risk riddles, explaining first how we can improve ourselves through Holmes’ “brain attic” technique, or the way he stores and catalogs memories. Ultimately, the book will help your problem solving, creativity and cognitive intuition, but it will not help you get the last scoop of salsa out of the jar and on to your nacho chip, without breaking the chip or getting salsa residue on your hand. It’s simply impossible, dear Watson. Master-Mind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes $16

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