75 Greatest “That Guy” Actors

In Hollywood, there is a humble role that is wildly important, but doesnt get the credit deserved. “That Guy” character actors get paid well, but never attracted the paparazzi or autograph hounds. You don’t know their names, but you immediately know their faces. They’re the support system of the silver screen, the unsung heros of Hollywood, the sidecar of Tinsel Town; That Guy. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of character actors who have more talent in their distinguished squint or surprised gasp, than the Channing Tatum’s of Hollywood have in their stupid heart throb faces. Not Gosling, though, he’s the man. These guys deserve to have their name known and with that, here’s the list. It’s a work in progress, but there were still several “That Guy” actors who still need recognition. So until “That Guy Actors II: That Guy Strikes Back”, enjoy.

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