Zeitguide 2013

The Zeitguide is an all encompassing walkthrough of the upcoming culture of the year. Serving as a know all for food & wine, finance and creativity from infamous consulting agency, Grossman & Partners. Why should you listen to what G & P have to say? Because this is what they do. They’re a company dedicated to investing a boatload of research and money, then turning that into yearly intuition. Zeitguide 2013 $35.00

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leatherface clay

Classic Horror Movies Get A Claymation Makeover

Unless you suffer from some sort of paraphilia, you probably don’t think of iconic horror movie characters like Freddy Krueger or Leatherface as being “cute.” They’re evil, murderous, ultraviolent and let’s face it, usually butt ugly. But they don;t have to be. Artist and illustrator Lizzie Campbell uses polymer clay…