Watch: Shaun White’s SuperPipe X Games Gold Medal Run In HD

Our amigo, Oakley rider Shaun White won his 6th consecutive SuperPipe Gold medal on Sunday night at the Winter X Games. At 26-years-old White was the oldest in the field but he didn’t let that fact slow him down.

Using a tried-and-true combination of massive air and perfect technique White pummeled his competition into submission. In his first two runs White locked in the night’s two highest scores, first run 95.00 and second run 98.00. The win once again proved that he is the greatest competitive snowboarder in history.

White, a crossover star who has 15 X Games gold medals between snowboarding and skateboarding, including eight in SuperPipe, told ESPN, “I don’t think I’ve ever been more focused and more in tune with what I’m doing physically as well as mentally. Six years, that’s pretty heavy. It’s going to be more uncomfortable next year when I’m going for the seventh. I like it; it’s a pretty humbling title to hold. I’m proud.”

Photo via: Joshua Duplechian/ESPN

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