George Clooney To Star In Walt Disney Biopic “Tomorrowland”

The are very few details regarding this movie about the founding of the Disney empire but we do know the live-action movie is being called “Tommorowland,” will star George Clooney, and it is being developed by director Brad Bird (Mission: Impossible — Ghost ProtocolThe IncrediblesThe Iron Giant) and writers Damon Lindelof and Entertainment Weekly’s own Jeff “Doc” Jensen.

Last week, Lindelof and Bird began teasing a a revelation, posting images of an archive materials box labeled “1952″ on Twitter. Inside the box, which supposedly provided inspiration for the story, is a copy of the book Model Research: The National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics 1918-1958 by military history professor Alex Roland (published in 1985), and anAugust 1928 edition of Amazing Stories magazine, featuring a man in a flying suit on the cover — the first appearance of the time-leaping hero Buck Rogers.

Tomorrowland is due in theaters Dec. 19, 2014.


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