Inside The Madden 2013 Super Bowl Party at The Bud Light Hotel

Those of you following our live Instagram + YouTube feed would have seen that day one of our Super Bowl adventure went so much better than we could have expected. We landed a spot on the Blue Carpet of the Madden Bowl XIX party at the Bud Light Hotel. In the assembly line of media outlets asking athletes the same boring Super Bowl questions, we decided to have a few Bud Lights, photobomb the athletes and have a good time.

Approaching the media frenzy from a different angle helped our gain better content than we could’ve ever imagine. Judging from the reception we got from the athletes, suits at EA & Bud Light and even fellow media it seemed like everyone enjoyed the non traditional media attitude and this spilled over into the rest of the night. We had two camera’s on us the entire time so here are a few pictures of how it all went down.

The Madden Bowl XIX Blue Carpet

Our home girl April Rose


Your girlfriend probably loves this guy.

Arian Foster

Charissa Thompson

Super Bowl trophy made of recycled Bud Light bottles.

Drew Brees was the man. Stopped with some hardcore Saints fans who snuck back into the press area.

Their camera malfunctioned so we took a photos.



Happy birthday Big Boi

Maxim’s April Rose showing us what Kaepernicking is all about.

Victor Cruz having a custom Madden 2013 card being produced. I guess they superimpose the information over the green.

The greatest

Successful showing on the Blue Carpet. Enjoying a few celebratory beers.

Madden 2013 Tournament

From the blue carpet we transitioned into the main event where some of the best NFL players in the league were having a Madden 2013 tourney.

Drew Brees in concentration mode

Brees had absolutely no idea what he was doing so Saints back-up QB Chase Daniel showed him the way.

A group of extremely vocal Gronk fans. He was loving the attention.

Gronk was talking tons of smack while taking Victor Cruz to school.

The champs! Denard Robinson, Kenjon Barner and E.J. Manuel.

Party time!

After the games were done it was time for the real party to begin. We crashed the VIP area and saw some epic performances. 


Ron Pearlman definitely nailed me creepin. Sons of Anarchy is a great show, what can I say?

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