Easily Jailbreak Your iPhone In About 5 Minutes

Jailbreaking your phone is so incredibly simple and it takes only about 5 minutes. Doing so will give you access a special app store called Cydia, which is full of alternative apps not found in Apple’s official store. Jailbreaking your phone will also allow for an incredible level of customization.

System requirements include:

  • A computer, running Windows (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.5 minimum), or Linux (x86 / x86_64)
  • An iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 6.0 through 6.1 (you may check in Settings > General > About > Version)
  • A USB cable to connect the device to the computer

Before you start the jailbreaking process make sure you back up your device and go to Evasi0n and download the file associated with your computer’s operating system. 

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