Doug Flutie Is Trying To Become A Knuckleball Pitcher

What does it take to become the next great knuckleball pitcher? Most pitchers don’t know the first thing about throwing a knuckleball so it is reasonable to believe that someone with a decent arm could be molded into the next R.A. Dickey.

Just look at the greatest knuckleballers of our time. R.A. didn’t start throwing his knuckleball until he was a 32 year old minor leaguer looking for a hail-mary pass to keep him from getting cut. And Tim Wakefield, he was drafted as a third baseman but realized he would never make it to the big leagues as a position player so he worked with knuckleball legend Phil Nikro to develop the pitch.

MLB Networks is producing a reality show called “The Next Knuckler” in which Doug Flutie and four other former college quarterbacks are taught by former big league pitcher Tim Wakefield how to throw the knuckleball. The pitcher that wins the competition will receive an invitation to pitch with the Arizona Diamondbacks during Spring Training.

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