Kill Some Time with Incredibox

Incredibox is a digital beatbox app that allows you to be the conductor of a group of human beatbox. The app is free and fun and you’re able to choose over 20 beats, melodies, effects, choruses and voices. Each set blends together in a harmony, giving you the illusion that you’re more musically inclined than you actually are. Once you’re done trying out each sound a surprise waits for you on the 3rd step. 


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This Iranian Hulk Wants To Fight ISIS In Syria

Sajad Gharibi is an Iranian weightlifter who recently became a worldwide star thanks to his Instagram, @sajadgharibii, which has attracted more than 150,000 followers. His insanely gargantuan frame has earned him the nickname “Iranian Hulk” and just like the Marvel superhero, Gharibi now has his eyes on fighting bad guys.…