The Warriors Unveil the NBA’s 1st Sleeved Jerseys

The Golden State Warriors have unveiled the first sleeved jersey in the modern era. Dubbed the “AdiZero Short Sleeve NBA Jersey”. They are going to be worn for the first time on Feb 22nd.

According to Adidas the Warriors will be the only team, this season, to wear jerseys with sleeves. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more in the next few years. Keep in mind that this is still just an alternate jersey so you won’t be seeing it that often, but the trend may be here for the foreseeable future. Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports (@spearsNBAyahoo) tweeted out that schools like Kansas, Louisville, Indiana, UCLA and Baylor might be wearing this style jersey as soon as this season. In response to Spears’ tweet an Adidas rep said that although his information isn’t 100% correct but some schools may be seen in the AdiZero jerseys this season.

With the NBA also thinking about adding advertisers’ logos to their jerseys, is this move being made in order to make more room for advertisers

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Via: Anthony Halwagy

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