The Oregon Ducks Unveil Their Spring Game Helmet

When it comes to Oregon Ducks football what is better than their uniforms. Well, their cheerleaders. But the uniformes are definitely second. In recent years the Ducks have changed the game in terms of uniforms – not only the way they look but how they are marketed. Probably need to give Nike some credit where credit is due.

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Before the Ducks started unveiling a new look uniform for every day teams would have two uniforms, one home an done away. Now everyone is following suit with specials editions jersey’s that sell like hot cakes and help keep the lights on.

It’s a pretty simple concept. And now, even though the thought of 2014 football is a far off blip on the radar, the Ducks have unveiled their helmets for the 2014 spring game. Yup, they even have one of a kind uniforms for their intersquad spring game. Gotta love that Nike money!

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