Daredevil Does First Ever 360 in Car

Guerlain Chicherit is no stranger to danger. The 34 year old, French Dardevil, has been training for 4 years to complete his latest trick, a 360 degree backflip in a suped up Mini-Cooper. Chicherit sped toward the 25 ft ramp then soared through the air 75 ft high, before being the first person to ever successfully attempt the stunt.


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The Diaper Derbies of The 1950’s: Where Babies Became Legends (PHOTOS)

The Diaper Derby (1946-1955) Between the years of 1946-1955, The Diaper Derby was the premier event in American sports. Legendary babies from all corners of the country would convene at Palisade Park, New Jersey for the cutest clash of the titans in sporting history. These tyrannical toddlers would mercilessly race…


Insane Daredevil Attempts Free Solo Slackline 950 Feet Above The Ground [Video]

In case you don’t keep up with extreme sports, slacklining is like tightrope walking on bouncy, flat webbing. And free solo slacklining is doing so without any sort of belt that’s leashed to the webbing. Basically, if you fall…you die. But that doesn’t stop free solo slackliners from one-upping each…

beer mile

The Beer Mile World Record Was Just Beat Twice In 24 Hours

Last year we were so proud to report that James “The Beast” Nielsen, a great American athlete, not only set a new record for the Beer Mile, he also did so in under 5 minutes! Alas, tragedy struck this weekend Nilesen’s record was beat twice in less than 24 hours…


Innovative Chuck II Brings Converse Back Into The Spotlight

Anyone who has thrown on a pair of Chuck Taylor’s in the last half-century knows about arch aches and pain in their pinky toes. While Converse has always had a strong grasp on the aesthetic, the sneaker technology has been sorely lacking for as long as we can remember. The…


This Man Just Won The Toughest Ironman Triathlon On Earth For His 50th Birthday

Milind Soman, an Indian supermodel-acton who turns 50 in November, was awarded the Ironman title at a triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland on July 19. With over 2,000 participants, Soman was one of the few that completed the challenge. From his Indian team of seven members, only five were able to…

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Insane Person Rides Motorcycle Down a Roller Coaster, Because Red Bull

Riding a motorcycle down the street might be considered dangerous enough for some of us, but not Red Bull. French legend of moto trials, Julien Dupont decided that he wanted to be a part of “Red Bull Roller Coaster”, a trial run that includes Julien riding through a wooden coaster.…


Incredible Wheelchair Freestyle With Wheelz [Video]

Aaron Fotheringham, better known as Wheelz, is an extreme wheelchair athlete who recently got together with YouTube filmmaker Devin Super Tramp and Gnarly Nutrition to make this video showcasing his incredible talent. Wheelz, who has Spina Bifida, has been in a wheelchair full-time since the age of 8. He’s adapted…


Incredible Video Of Wingsuit Flight Through Narrow Canyon

When looking for a suitable locale for a wingsuit flight, narrow canyon is probably not at the top of your list. That’s why you’re a boring wimp and nobody likes you. Me too. But brass-balled wingsuit expert Robert “Scotty-Bob” Morgan thought that the frighteningly narrow Beehive Line in Utah’s Great…

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GoPro Adventure Series: Combing the Chilean Valparaiso’s Hills

The second installment of GoPro’s Hero3+ features Aaron Chase, Brian Lopes and Chris Van Dine riding through the heavily decorated hills of Valparaiso, Chile. The shots were filmed entirely on the Hero3+ camera and feature the riders bolting down stairs, turning sharp corners and even riding on walls. Valparaiso is the prefect…