View From the Top: An Aerial View of an AHL Game [8 HQ Photos]

Ron Johnson of of the Journal Star made his way up to the rafters overhanging the ice at Carver Arena in Peoria, IL during AHL action between between the Peoria Rivermen and Rockford Icehogs Wednesday evening. He shot these fantastic, bird’s eye view photos of the action below.

The Rivermen and the Rockford Icehogs stand for the national anthem before the drop of the puck at Carver Arena. [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]

Barry, the Peoria Rivermen mascot entertains on the big screen and the ice.  [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]

The spotlight shines on Chris Bruton of the Rivermen as he is introduced before the start of Wednesday’s game. [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]

A view from above shows goaltender Mike McKenna of the Rivermen as tries to stop a shot at the goal during Wednesday ‘s AHL game with the Roickford Icehogs at Carver Arena. The Rivermen lost, 4-0. [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]

T.J. Hensick (7) of the Rivermen and Rob Flick of the Rockford Icehogs face off in the first period. [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]

Rivermen goaltender Mike McKenna falls to the ice to defend the goal during Wednesday’s AHL game with Rockford at Carver Arena. [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]

Tyler Shattock of the Rivermen is reflected in the glass as he moves the puck up the ice. [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]

The puck sails past Rivemen goaltender Mike McKenna for a Rockford score in the first period. [RON JOHNSON/JOURNAL STAR]


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