Incredible 66.5 Million Facebook Interactions (Posts, Comments and Likes)Occurred During the Oscars

And the 4th best way to trend on Facebook is…. win an Oscar just behind sex tape, dying before the Grammy’s and throwing a game winning pass in the Super Bowl.  Last night, according to this nifty infographic by Mashable, the Oscars broadcast attracted 66.5 million Facebook interactions (posts, comments and Likes).

The most-talked about winner, however, was best picture winner Argo. Facebook says mentions of the film soared by 2,460 percent. Mentions of Ben Affleck, who launched an Instagram account Sunday, jumped 23,500 percent during his acceptance speech.

Overall, mentions of “Oscars” was three times higher this year than the 2012 telecast. Facebook details all of your Facebook activity below in this spiffy infographic.

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