Taxi Driver Photographs By Steve Shapiro (Book & 6 photos)

The role that sent Robert DeNiro from mobster cliche to the top of the food chain in hollywood. His role as Travis Bickle, a disturbed trigger-happy psychopath with a mohawk is widely believed to be one of the greatest performances ever filmed and would be the catalyst for his future leading roles in cinema masterpieces like Raging Bull,  A Bronx Tale and Analyze This. Scorsese’s adaptation would pave the way the the future of his aclaimed film making archives.

Steve Shapiro is regarded as one of the best journalistic photographers of all time and his works have been published on the covers of Vanity Fair, Time, Sports Illustrated, Life, Look, Paris Match, and People, and are found in many museum collections. Shapiro was the on set and behind the scenes photographer of the movie capturing every chilling moment of the deranged character in a post-nam era. Steve Shapiro, Taxi Driver Book $69.99


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