The 25 Most Impressive Bachelor Pads In America Revealed

Men’s Health recently released a list of the 25 manliest homes in the United States. While the image of a “manly” home may evoke visions of a gym in every room, beer fridges everywhere and giant flatscreen television sets showing nothing but porn 24/7, according to Meg Caswell, host of the DIY Network’s Meg’s Great Rooms, there’s far more to a mancave than meets the eye. “Masculine design can be seen in textures, colors and materials used,” she explains in Men’s Health.

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A few of the homes profiled certainly aim to appeal to manly men. Take, for instance, the 1,959-sq.-ft. Cincinnati home created by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. Called “The Boulter House,” it features 24 feet of built-in seating and bookshelves, and with the 450 square feet of glass, owner Chuck Lohre can feel like the nature surrounding him is spilling right into his decadent living room.

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Also featured is a 4,300-sq.-ft. treehouse in Tennessee, touted by Men’s Health Magazine as “the ultimate boys’ club.” Designed by Brad Norris of Norris Architecture, the home is made of stone and wood and, much like the Wright house, brings the great outdoors right into the living room.

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And what of St. Jetersburg, described by Men’s Health as “the house that Derek Jeter built”? Located in Tampa, Fla., all 30,875 square feet of it render it one of the largest homes in the area. With seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an entertainment room, a billiard room and – of course – a memorabilia area it’s any wonder he ever goes outside. He does, though. That’s where the pool and the two boatlifts are.

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Not bad, Men’s Health, but what about Bob Hope’s bachelor mansion in Palm Springs? The modernist home notwithstanding, that pool is enough for any dude to want to get his Van Wilder on. Some other manly homes featured in The Roosevelts include a San Francisco warehouse converted into a rustic bachelor pad, a mancave built in the middle of the Amazon in Brazil, and an awesome 80-acre ranch estate in Caliente, Calif., which includes a general store, a saloon (a saloon, people!) and a jailhouse. And you know what they say. Stetsons are cool.

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Not surprisingly, these manly homes are sure to give many of you sticker shock, but none of those has the honor of being the most expensive mancave in the United States. That distinction goes to the Crespi-Hicks Estate, going for $135 million in – sit down – Dallas, Texas. Located in the ultra elite Mayflower Estates, the home is fenced in by wrought iron gates, spans 25 acres and offers the lucky buyer 42,500 square feet of living space. Among its brazillion amenities is “a library paneled in 19th-century Italian walnut and burl,” which would tempt any bibliophile regardless of gender to break in and hide beneath a pile of books forever.

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