Earlier this year, our buddy, Adam, went down to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. While in town, he was able to pull off a feat that every man in America dreams of; He got to attend the hottest Super Bowl events with Candice Swanepoel (yes, the Victoria’s Secret Angel) as his arm-candy. Did we mention he was dressed as a paparazzi lightning rod for the entire thing? We got to see Adam and Candice in action on the Red Carpet at the ESPN Next event and it was one of the most spectacularly ridiculous things we’ve ever seen. Not only is Candice the most beautiful women on Earth but she was hanging on to a 6’5” astronaut. LeBron James could have rode onto the red carpet on a unicycle and the paparazzi wouldn’t have batted an eye. While we’re sure Adam was sweating bullets inside that thing, he played it cool with Candice and here is his story of how it all went down:

From the Visor of the AXE Astronaut: My Red Carpet Moment with a Victoria’s Secret Model

By: Adam the AXE Astronaut

As a marketing professional, not every aspect of my job has me pushing pens, creating pivot tables in
spreadsheets or analyzing sales data from a retail store in Skokie. While all those things do happen, and
often, my job also allows me to do some amazing, behind-the-scenes things that I wouldn’t have the
chance to do otherwise, such as joking on set with “Schmidt” for a film shoot or hanging backstage with
Kendrick Lamar during a private product launch event.

More recently, I had the opportunity to venture to New Orleans (there was a Big Game or something)
and essentially go where no man has gone before, compliments of AXE. The occasion surrounded the
launch of its first ever Super Bowl commercial, as well as the biggest announcement in the brand’s 30-
year history: it will be sending 22 fans to space.

My Job

It was mere child’s play: dress as the AXE astronaut and be red carpet arm-candy for Victoria’s Secret model, Candice Swanepoel, at a few major Super Bowl parties like the ESPN Next, Maxim, Rolling Stone, and 1Oak.

The Wardrobe

The first step of the astronaut experience was to suit up. Two team members tasked with the job of dressing me, picked, poked, shoved and prodded me into a 60 lb all-white astronaut suit. With my rubber moon boots velcroed tight, and helmet secure, I took one small and very difficult step for man. Ease of movement? Not much at all.

The Ride

I was sweating bullets as our ginormous SUV made its way down the narrow streets of New Orleans. My perspiration was largely at fault of the pressure cooker of the astro suit, however I have to think an even larger portion was due to the fact that Candice, one of the most gorgeous models in the world, was sitting directly to my right. Equal parts stunning, charming and funny, we bet on which team would win the Super Bowl, snapped some shots on her phone, talked about her dog and discussed playful ways to pose on each carpet. Did I mention she had a South African accent?!

The Arrival

The red carpets were nothing like I’ve ever experienced – lights flashing, photographers yelling, publicists buzzing and requests for interviews flying in from every direction. I stood tall and in awe as Candice worked the room, giggling with photographers, smiling from ear-to-ear and then, yes…I watched her lean over and kiss my visor screen (and then posted the pic, herself, on Instagram).

There were literally no words…

So while it has been said that it’s cold and lonely in space, I’d like to think my out-of-this-world experience was a little hotter and a lot more accommodating. Say what you want, but from 10ft off the ground to 10,000ft above in orbit…truly nothing beats an astronaut.

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