Introducing Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart


Golf carts haven’t changed much over the years. They look and feel the same. What if there was a way to improve the traditional golf cart concept and take away some of the limitations? Bubba Watson approached Oakley with a revolutionary idea and that’s what they set out to do. They created the world’s first hovercraft golf cart. Using hovercraft technology, the BW1 is able to glide over any terrain, including grass, sand, and water.

20 Reason Why Bubba Watson Should Be Your Favorite Athlete

Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart video is burning up on the web and we are excited that our favorite golfer is finally getting the mainstream recognition he deserves. Yesterday we got the chance to meet up with Bubba as he unveiled the Oakley gear he will be wearing the the 2013 Masters next week and we pulled together nearly two dozen reason why Bubba Watson is America’s new golden boy.


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