Brooklyn Decker is many things. Actress who’s career is seeing a meteoritic rise. Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover model. Wife of a guy who can hit tennis balls harder than almost anyone ever. Master of the GIF. One thing she isn’t… a fan of smooching a guy with stubble. We interviewed Brooklyn, who is representing Gillette’s Kiss & Tell campaign, about stubble, the future Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Al Borland.

Who do you think is most likely to land the 2014 SI Swimsuit cover.. Kate Bock, Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen, or Brooklyn Decker?

You can never know, it’s all based on the shoots and the photos that come out of them. I can definitely say it won’t be me, but fingers crossed for my good friend Chrissy!

Tell us about what you are working on with Gillette for spring break?

This Spring Break I’m spreading the message that girls prefer a clean shaven face, 85% in fact, so I’m trying to help you guys get a little lovin.

Do you prefer smooth shaven or with some stubble?

I love the look of stubble, but hate the feel. No girl wants a rug burn on her face from smooching a guy.

Rapid fire questions

What is your hidden talent?

Dancing very badly but in an entertaining manner.

Most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I went camping in the Alaskan Arctic last year with my brother and Sierra Club, that was amazing.

Celebrity doppelgänger?

I have no clue, Charlize Theron on a REALLY good day (or so my dear mom tells me)

Three websites you visit everyday?

My Twitter, and email.

What TV show did you watch all the time as a kid?

I actually didn’t watch a lot of TV growing up. My parents encouraged my brother and I to play outdoors, build forts, that sort of thing. But I was able to sneak over to the neighbors and watch Boy Meets World.. that show was my jam.

Favorite TV character of all time?


Celebrity crush?

Al Borland

What kind of cell phone do you have?

An iPhone 5

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First car you ever owned?

This amazing 1991 Volkswagon Cabriolet Convertible with a broken stereo and shot out windows (true story).

What was the last vacation you took?

I work in New York and Los Angeles, so going home to Austin always seems like a vacation.

Favorite sports team growing up?

The UNC Tarheels. No question.

If you weren’t a model and actress what would you be?

I wanted to become a veterinarian growing up, so probably that.

Favorite YouTube video of all time?

Denver the guilty dog. Gets me every time.

When was the last time you ate fast food and what did you have? What was your last fast?

I haven’t fasted in a while and I haven’t eaten fast food either (unless you consider Chipotle fast food, in which case I got the Vegetarian Burrito Bowl with extra guacamole).

Favorite movie all time?

There’s way too many to pick from, but I love Forrest Gump. Soundtrack, Jenny, Bubba, it’s all too much in the best way possible.

Favorite movie quote?

“You can sit here if you want”- Jenny Gump… simple, but my mom always told me to be like that when I was growing up (minus the adult Jenny tripping on acid part)

Kindle or book?

There’s nothing like a nice paperback, though I read all my scripts on my iPad.

Favorite bar/restaurant in NYC?

I love Gran Electrica in DUMBO, it’s delicious Mexican food and strong margaritas.

Last bar you visited?

I hung out the bar backstage of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo…that was interesting.

Do you cook? What is a simple meal you know how to make?

I do cook, though not quite a 5 star chef yet. I’ve gotten very good at cooking chicken in lots of ways and now I’m working on baking.

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