Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Bachelor Pad Can Be Yours

Are you a history buff who loves ‘murica, needs a swanky new house and has a ton of money burning a hole in your pocket? If you answered yes to all those questions than call your personal real estate agent because the coolest house in America is hitting the auction block. For only the third time since 1607 the 4,487-acre Brandon Plantation, located in Spring Grove, Va., will go to auction on June 23rd, and sell to the highest bidder. The massive Virginia estate’s crown jewel is a brick manor designed by the founder of the United States, the one and only Thomas Jefferson. The mansion boasts seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and is the oldest continuous agricultural operation in the U.S. As an added bonus it still has a few canon ball scars fromt he Revolutionary War! In addition to a ton of impressive features that would take us way to long to list off the estate has 11 other residential homes, 14 farm structures and 3.5 miles of James River frontage.

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