The 10 Most Bizarre Outfits Seen At The 2013 NBA Playoffs

With our main man of style, Russell Westbrook, out with an injury, the NBA has seen a new rise in fashion trends during these 2013 NBA Playoffs. Now whether these trends are hip or not, who is to say? But these outfits have to be the most bizarre of the season.

#10 Dwight Howard

Not sure what Dwight Howard was thinking when he choice this ensemble, but he kind of reminds me of Sherlock Holmes.

All he’s missing is the cap and a pipe.

#9 Kobe Bryant

This seemingly homey shirt which looks like every hipsters dream is actually a $565 Givenchy Paisley Print T-Shirt. Not a big fan of the black suit and paisley t-shirt, but if Kobe can rock it, more power to him.

#8 Mike Conley vs Chris Paul

Now for these two, I wanted to compare Mike Conley’s outfit with Chris Paul’s. They seem like they are wearing the same outfit but somehow Mike Conley is able to look suave with his subtle red handkerchief and tie, minimizing the patterns by keeping them simple while Chris Paul looks kind of like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Am I the only one who sees a resemblance? The striped shirt with the oddly patterned handkerchief are too much to handle.

#7 Russell Westbrook

And guess who is back? None other than Westbrook himself! Oddly enough this season it seems as though he has decided to leave behind the fishing lure shirts for some good old cutoffs, a gold chain and some Steve Urkel glasses.

Now look at that and tell me they don’t look the same. We’ve found Urkel 24 years later and he’s playing in the NBA!

#6 Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo’s been wearing an awful lot of fedoras lately. Not sure what to say except that he does look like a gangster of the 1940’s. Maybe he’s channeling the inner New Yorker within himself. “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in”.

#5 Brandon Jennings

When I saw this jacket on Brandon Jennings as he was walking down the locker room all I could think of was that the 80s were calling and they wanted their jacket back.

Popular among leading artists and rappers today, this En Noir Triumph Divine Jacket is sure to have cost a pretty penny. Again, I’m not sure if artist Pietro da Cortona intended for his art to be used in such a manner, but art is art and fashion is art.

#4 Kevin Durant

The floral print is in. And Kevin Durant wouldn’t be himself if he weren’t wearing his backpack during the post game interview. I’m beginning to wonder if Durant and Westbrook has traded wardrobes in the offseason. Or maybe he’s paying a tribute to the injured Westbrook. Either way, I kind of like it.

Not to mention the neat Money Stacks Backpack he was rocking!

This awesome backpack by Sprayground retails at around $60. Pretty neat if you ask me!

#3 Lebron James

I told you floral was back in, didn’t I?

This sweater by Jeff Staple has gotten quite the feedback from fans. Unlike most wardrobe choices, this sweater is actually affordable for the everyday Joe. Props to Lebron for finding something stylish and within budget.

#2 Dwyane Wade

And in both the #2 and #1 spot we have Miami Heat’s own Dwyane Wade. This motorcycle jacket that has taken a turn for the floral is by far the most bizarre when compared to the floral fashions that Durant and James chose to don. Made by Versace, this jacket from the Spring 2013 collection is something of a real oddity.

Let’s just say it looks better when only the jacket is worn. The 80s look has come back stronger and fiercer, working in conjunction with floral prints, to just make the whole outfit scream!

#1 Dwyane Wade

And the prize for most bizarre outfit during this 2013 playoff season definitely goes to Dwyane Wade for this outfit!

At first it just seems like a regular suit until you see the polka dot pattern, but it doesn’t stop there. His pants are capris. He has some dude holding his bag AND he is wearing a polka dot suit with capris.

He’s wearing matching shoes and all but I don’t think it translates quite the same. But hey, it’s his body and he can wear whatever he wants.

I can only imagine what is coming next.

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