Your Current MLB Batting Avg Leader Got Owned in Wiffle Ball

As of today, James Loney leads the MLB in batting avg and much desrved. Loney’s well oiled batting eye has gained him acclaim from around the league and now he has has the top spot to prove it. Although Loney has forty less at bats than the man in second place (Miguel Cabrera), it’s still a feat for the rising star to be put in a category with the Triple Crown winner.

Though Loney has 11 multi-hit outings already this season, he thinks we forgot about a segment on Sports Science a few years back yonder, in which Jimbo was featured going head to head with one of the best wiffle ball pitchers to ever play the game, Joel De Roche, a Wiffle Ball Cy Young Winner (it exists). De Roche made the “rising star” look flat out silly, making the ball dance and dive to a point that left Loney clueless. After Loney was given a bat that matched the size of a big league club, he eventually made contact, but no one remembers that.  People don’t forget, James.