The Internet Really Wants LeBron James To Be An NFL Quarterback

LeBron James has a lot of untapped football potential. While at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio he was the starting varsity quarterback as a 14 year-old freshman year and an all-state wide receiver his sophomore and junior year. So what would have happened if LeBron didn’t quit football his senior year to focus on basketball? This has become an obsession on the internet ever since former NFL star Joe Theismann said the 6-foot-8, 250-pound elite athlete could be a star quarterback.

“I would love to work him out and also serve as his agent,” Theismann told FOX Sports Florida last Saturday. “I’ll go wherever he wants this summer. He could play another four years in the NBA before seriously trying the NFL. … There are not a lot of 38- or 39-year-old basketball players, but there are 38- and 39-year-old quarterbacks, so there’s always time for him.”

Most would think that LeBron and his ability to jump and get free in tight spaces with defenders all around him would be an amazing NFL receiver but according to ESPN’s Sports Science, Theismann could be on to something.


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