Klinsmann Omitting Landon Donovan from U.S. Soccer Team Could Be A Mistake

Jurgen Klinsmann has been controversial lately as the coach of the United States soccer team. Klinsmann is a huge part of the sport’s history, making huge contributions as a player and as the one-time coach of his own country, Germany, and is now making history as coach of the US but possibly for the wrong reasons.

Klinsmann’s latest move that is not sitting well with his status as coach of the US national soccer team is not including Landon Donovan in the US squad for friendly games at the end of May and three World Cup Qualifiers in June. Yes, Landon Donovan, one of US best player ever, is not going to play in possibly three World Cup qualifying games!

The German coach has stated that Donovan is not fit to play for the US squad yet. See, Donovan had taken a hiatus from the sport right after the soccer star won a second straight MLS Cup with his team, the LA Galaxy, back in December due to mental and physical fatigue. So, Klinsmann’s point stands but it could be a mistake.

Donovan has recently made his come-back at the end of March playing with the Los Angeles Galaxy and, of course, making some impact. However, according to Klinsmann, the old US captain is quite not ready!

If anyone knows anything about Landon Donovan is that he is probably going to be the best US player ever! Or is, at least, the best player in the history of American soccer so far!

Why not take this American to-be legend to the friendly games at the end of May? Use the friendly games to get him back in motion. After all, he’s only missed three months of soccer, and looks pretty good playing with the LA Galaxy so far.

Yes, the LA Galaxy is not playing to par right now, but it is not because of Donovan being rusty. In fact, the player looks anything but rusty! Even then, the Galaxy is still a team to reckon with when Donovan is included as a starter.

Even if Donovan is not the player that he was two years ago or even a year ago, his presence would uplift the US soccer squad. It certainly pumps up US supporters. Donovan would serve as the veteran blood that Klinsmann needs since his rebuilding of the US squad with some new blood.

Donovan has a lot of gas left, and Klinsmann could be making a mistake by not including him in the next upcoming games that are super vital for the US. Even if Donovan’s gas tank is starting to run on low, it is still not enough to leave him out of the US squad, especially in games in which the player could use to hone his skills back to par.

Jurgen Klinsmann did make his point to the press that he does not plan to keep Landon Donovan out for sure. Klinsmann plans to bring back the American star to the US national squad but not just yet.

When is he going to bring him back? Donovan has been the backbone of the US squad long before the German came on board as coach!
To bring Donovan back on the US squad later, could not give the American star enough time to get adjusted. After all, the World Cup in Brazil is coming in a little more than a year from now!

In addition, the US is in third place of the CONCACAF last stage of qualifying. The third spot is the last spot that guarantees a ticket to the World Cup.

To top it off, there are seven games left in the last stage. Three of those games will be played in June, and why isn’t Donovan in the squad? According to the German master, Donovan is not fit to play yet! Again, play him anyway to get him back in shape for international level!

For Klinsmann’s sake, many soccer fans hope he knows what he is doing at the helm for the US soccer squad. Not including Donovan in the US national soccer team could be a huge mistake!