8. Andre Rison and Lisa Lefteye Lopes

This one is more about the pairing of two celebrities each in their prime being crazy together than either individual. The craziness began with a 1993 court case in which she alleged Rison hit her and fired a gun, and perhaps ended when she allegedly found out he was being unfaithful (as if male athletes ever do that) and tried to burn his shoe collection in the bathtub of their two-story mansion. What began as an innocent shoe barbecue ended with the house in ashes and Rison in tears as it fell. She went on to smash up his truck and two Mercedes he owned, while later saying in an interview about the fire that she wanted to “purge the house of demons.” Lopes tragically passed away during the prime of her career with TLC, and Rison was recently featured on ESPN’s 30 for 30: Broke.

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