The 30 Most Beautiful Women in Surfing


There have been plenty of “hottest surfer” lists on the web but ours is the best ever compiled because we spent hours and hours digging deep into the world rankings, sponsorship rosters, surf magazines and tournament charts. On our list you’ll see the standards like Alana Blanchard, Anastasia Ashley and Erica Hosseini but you’ll also meet plenty of new names like Alessa Quizon, Lakey Peterson and Kelia Moniz that you have never heard of before.

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natalie roser

Remember The Name: Natalie Roser

Model Natalie Jayne Roser hails from Australia, which means the 25-year-old practically lives her life in a swimsuit. And we’re just fine with that. Join Natalie’s legion of more than 480,000 followers on Instagram @natalie_roser and keep up with this stunner from down under. My gorgeous friend, @alexandra_redmond_jewellery, does know…

Alice Peneaca

Remember The Name: Alice Peneaca

Romanian model Alice Peneaca was born in Transylvania but have no fear, the stunning 24-year-old is most certainly not a vampire — and she has plenty of sunny shots in her swimsuit to prove it! Alice is now based in Milan but her work for numerous international brands takes her…


Remember The Name: Oksana Rykova

Hailing from Montreal, model Oksana Rykova has been wowing Instagram with her very fit bod for years. Join her more than 340,000 fans @oksana_rykova and maybe get a little motivation to do a few jumping jacks every now and then. 💛 Mykonos A photo posted by Oksana Rykova (@oksana_rykova) on…

ashley moore

Remember The Name: Ashley Moore

22-year-old Ashley Moore was born in California but moved around a bit with her military family. Now a model based in Los angeles, Ashley’s career still keeps her moving all over but you and her more than 700,000 followers can keep up with her on Instagram @ashley_moore_ no matter where…

Lyubov Gulyak

Remember the Name: Lyubov Gulyak

25-year-old model Lyubov Gulyak has already amassed quite a following in her native Russia, and with more than 115,000 followers on Instagram @lubov_gulyak, we think the 5’9″ beauty will soon be a household name all over the world. Скорей бы лето🌞 Хочу быть шоколадкой🍫 A photo posted by Lubov🍒 (@lubov_gulyak)…

madison teeuws

Remember The Name: Madison Teeuws

Madison Teeuws is just 20 years old, yet the young model has already amassed over 9,000 followers on Instagram @madtev. Of course, one look at these photos and you’ll be wondering why Madison doesn’t have 9 million followers. When a shoot calls for a day at the beach>>> A photo…

jocelyn chew

Remember The Name: Jocelyn Chew

Half-Chinese, half-Icelandic model Jocelyn Chew was born in Canada, but her work as a model, which began when she was just 16, has taken her all over the world, living in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Greece at various times. In 2013 she appeared on Oxygen’s The Face and now, at…


Remember The Name: Christen Harper

22-year-old model Christen Harper has already amassed over 35,000 followers on Instagram @christenharper and if these photos are any indication, she’ll have ten times that amount any day now. Back to work tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited 🐯 @creativesmiles A photo posted by CHRISTEN HARPER (@christenharper) on Jan 4,…


Remember The Name: Haley Jade Poston

Tennessee native Haley Jade Poston is a model and fitness instructor who also happens to have a degree in biochemistry. Join the ranks of Haley’s 250,000+ followers on Instagram @haleyjade__. @troyhuynhv2 @beautybysabrina #thursdays A photo posted by Haley Jade Poston (@haleyjade__) on Mar 24, 2016 at 3:48pm PDT #heyheyhey Happy…