10 Diseases You Can Get from Your Beloved Pet

When people get a pet, a certain kind of nastiness usually comes with it. Yes, pets usually behave in disgusting ways and come with disgusting germs. That is right, their tongues usually go in strange places that humans would never dare put. Once a pet comes along, strange stains appear around the house, the furniture is destroyed, and footprints appear on the rug or wooden floors. Wherever there is a pet, destruction and germs come with it. There are no if, ands, or buts about it!

The worst part about having a pet is the fact that you can get a disease from it. Yes, just like you can get a cold by kissing your wife or hugging your child, you can get a nice germ from your pet. Now, if you are a clean person, you should be OK from a deadly disease. That includes, keeping your environment clean, washing your hands, handling your pet correctly, and picking up after your pet. If you follow all of the sanitary rules with your pet, including vaccinations, you should be OK from any deadly disease; however, pets can still give diseases!

1. Ringworm

Yes, ringworm is the popular disease that will most likely get you if you are a pet owner. If you see hairless patches on your pet with a red mark in the center, you better take care of that right away. On people, it looks like a red, circular patch on skin. The cure is an ointment that can be applied to people and pets. Prevent by washing sheets in hot water if share with pets.

2. Roundworm

Very disgusting parasite that is very popular with cats. Around 10,000 children are infected annually in the U.S. If untreated, it can lead to blindness. Symptoms in cats include vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools, visible worms in stool, coughing, and constipation. How to tell if a cat is constipated? Don’t know! Symptoms in humans include cough, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, and bloody stool. Prevent by making your a cat an indoor cat, as outdoor cats are prone to roundworm. Also, wash hands thoroughly after cleaning cat litter.

3. Hookworms

Disgusting worms that hook onto the intestinal lining of mostly dogs, sucking on blood from the inside of intestines. If untreated, it could lead to death due to internal blood loss. Eggs found in pet feces and transfers through touch. So, if you are barefooted outside, beware! Symptoms in dogs include diarrhea and weight loss. Symptoms in humans usually include none, but, if any, they include itchy rash, coughing, wheezing, stomach pain, and weight loss. Prevent it by wearing gloves when picking up dog feces.

4. Giardia

Giar-what? Well, this is a one-cell organism that lives in streams, rivers, and lakes. It is more common on dogs than on cats. Symptoms on everyone includes diarrhea. So, it must cause dehydration if untreated. Plus, a living organism living in you is disgusting, right? Prevent by drinking clean water, including your pets, when you go on a hike.

5. Campylobacter

This bug likes to hang out with kittens, puppies, young horses, or any baby pet animal. Yes, it suckers you into picking up cuteness, then you are infected! It is one of the most common diarrhea inducing disease in the United States. Prevent by washing hands after handling any baby animal. Also, if a baby animal has diarrhea, stay away from it! Unless, you are a professional and you can help it.

6. Salmonella

This is for the reptile lovers. Yes, that includes turtles. 77% to 90% of reptiles harbor salmonella. Chicks also harbor salmonella. Prevent by washing hands after handling your pet, and never wash pet container, for reptiles and chicks, in your sink. Take it outside!

7. Tapeworms

Very popular with kids because kids tend to forget to wash their hands after handling pets. Very unpleasant but easily treatable. Symptoms on animals include rubbing back-end on carpet, finding rice-like pieces in stool, and long worms in vomit. Symptoms in humans is finding rice-like pieces in feces. Yuk! Prevention by keeping your house and pets free of fleas. Infection occurs when flea with tapeworm larvae is ingested. Totally disgusting!

8. Cat Scratch Disease

Germ called bartonella hands out in cats nails or saliva. Infected with cat scratch or bite. 40% of cats eventually have it in their lives. Symptoms in cats include fatigue, history of fleas, and swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms on humans include painful lymph nodes, red bump near bite or scratch, fever, headache, fatigue, joint pain, skin disorders, and weight loss. Wow! Keep cats nails groomed in order to prevent infection, and do not let cats lick your wounds.

9. Bubonic Plague

Very rare to get. Can be infected with hitchhiking flea. Only seven people per year get infected with the bubonic through pets. Symptoms on pets include fever, inflammation, and pain in lymph nodes. Symptoms on humans include sudden headache, fever, chills, and pain in lymph nodes. Prevent by keeping pet free of fleas.


10. Rabies

Yes, rabies! Very rare but must be treated right away; otherwise, it’s a zombie epidemic! Just kidding. Symptoms in pets include foaming at the mouth, behavioral changes, hiding in dark places, seizure, and sudden death. The same symptoms go for humans including hallucinations. Prevention is done through vaccinations. So don’t be cheap and take your pet to the clinic before World War Z begins! In the end, there are more unpleasant diseases that your pets can transfer to your beautiful body. Yes, they are animals and they can carry some nasty stuff. Anyway, just keep your environment clean as well as yourself and your pet. Good luck!

Puppy photo source: Shutterstock.com

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