5 People Not to Confuse Celtics Coach Brad Stevens With

Former Butler coach, Brad Stevens inherited the keys to a somewhat abandon kingdom. His task of rejuvenating the Celtics won’t be easy, but Stevens is no stranger to success. His Div-I college record of 166 wins in 6 seasons is nothing to be shy about, so when a chance to wrangle and jumpstart a team who has, arguably, the toughest crowd in basketball fell into his lap, he jumped on it.

Now if you’re not familiar with college basketball, this might be a fresh face, easily confused with others in pop culture. We made a list of five people not to confuse new Celtics coach, Brad Stevens with. 


Brad Stevens- Boston Celtics Head Coach

This is Brad Stevens. He’s your new Boston Celtics head coach.

David Wallace, CFO/CEO Dunder Mifflin- Not Brad Stevens

This is David Wallace, better known as Andy Buckly and not Brad Stevens. Wallace is the CFO (later CEO) of Dunder Mifflan, a fictional paper company on the late TV show, “The Office”. He is let go in the sixth season following the absorption of Dunder Mifflin by Sabre, but later acquires Dunder Mifflin outright for $20 million and becomes CEO.

Milhouse- Not Brad Stevens

This is Milhouse, a reoccurring character on “The Simpsons” and Bart Simpsons best pal. Although Brad and Milhouse share a few attributes, mainly being smart and studious, they are not the same person. Milhouse is a cartoon.

Jay Baruchel (This is the End)- Not Brad Stevens

Jay Baruchel is a canadian born actor, mostly known for comedies like “Knocked Up”, “Tropic Thunder” and most recent “This is the End”. Hate to see Baruchel on the street and ask him for a Stevens autograph, that would be pretty embarrassing, eh?

Gary, Are You Afraid of the Dark- Not Brad Stevens

Gary is the founder of the Midnight Society and most likely has a lot in common with Brad Stevens.

An unassuming, bookish looking boy. The founder of the Midnight Society. Gary has a distinct fascination with magic, especially where the magician Houdini is concerned. – Wikipedia

McLovin- Might be Brad Stevens

McLovin is actually played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse of “Role Models” and “Kick-ass”. The word is still out on their distinguishing identities.

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