Tom Thum Gives Brilliant SFX Beatbox at TED x Sydney

At just under two minutes in, Tom creates a series of sounds thought only possible by Larvelle Jones in Police Academy. Before you know it three minutes have gone by and you can’t remember if you blinked, because Tom’s vocal chords have hypnotized you with the likes of Micheal Jackson, to which he then takes you on a journey of music throughout the world, playing a sitar in India for example. If your head hasn’t exploded/ imploded/ spontaneously combusted yet, you might make it through to see Tom play with some of his toys that allows him to blend his sounds together as if he swallowed a jazz band whole and spit them out piece by piece. A self proclaimed street and bar performer, TED x Tom Thum gives people with incredible ideas, stories or talents a chance to not only perform but unravel themselves. Tom could and we’re sure he will now, save a movie SFX house millions with his mind blowing talent.


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