The Movie Thats Sweeping The Internet today ‘Sharknado’ is Better in Gif Form

Sharknado swept through our TV’s last night and no one really knew what to expect. But what we got was a couple of hours of 90’s bro and Sharknado protagonist, Ian Zering chainsawing his way through a tornado made of sharks. What makes things better than that, if you could imagine it getting better, Tara Reid plays a character who might as well be Tara Reid. Taking a bite out of ‘Snakes on a Plane’s’ action meets cheesey, Sharknado is worth the watch, but if you’d rather waste your time doing something else like reading or running, here’s basically the entire movie in Gif Form.


Here’s ‘Fin’ shooting a shark out of the sky with a hand gun


Here is a tornado made of sharks

Here is Fin jumping into a sharks mouth with a chainsaw

Tara Reid kicking a table with a chainsaw on it to Fin who then uses said chainsaw to cut a shark in half


Here is that scene again in slow mo. Incase you missed it.


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