RSVLTS All Access Pass To UFC 162 in Las Vegas [21 HQ Photos]

When I was young, I was exposed to the Las Vegas fight scene on television, weren’t we all? Who doesn’t remember all the famous people sitting front and center to see boxers fight at the MGM Grand?! Well many years have passed since those Saturday nights at my Uncle’s house watching Mike Tyson fight and bite, now boxing has been replaced by many for a sport in its boom phase, MMA, specifically the UFC.

Fans of this sport are absolutely addicted to it. To help promote the sport’s growth and give back to the fans, occasionally the UFC throws a Fan Expo. This time it was held on Fourth Of July Weekend at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, with the fight taking place at the MGM Grand on Saturday night. EMA (Everything Martial Arts) host Phoenix Carnevale and John Matland, covered the event for The Roosevelt’s and lived the die hard fans dream in the process. Fans from all over the world piled in for a chance to meet fighters, talk to commentators and even meet Dana White the UFC President. Just staying at the hotel you are likely to look to your right and see a fighter waiting for the same elevator. They are very open to taking photos, shaking hands and saying hello.

If you are a fight fan, I highly suggest going to Vegas to experience this for yourself.

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