The Future Sports Video Gaming

Sports games have come a long way since its primordial era that featured such classic titles as “Tecmo Bowl”. Hence, players no longer exclusively play as Bo Jackson, and the birds eye view has long since been nixed.

With the current era of consoles coming to its conclusion, there is a mass speculation among gaming fans about the upcoming developments that are expected to accompany an exciting new chapter in video gaming.

The news has thus far been as such: the upcoming era of sports gaming is certain to bring fresh technological innovation and a renewed sense of inter- company competition.

Firstly, the once popular NBA Live series by Electronic Arts (EA) will be making a return with NBA Live ’14. Slated to compete with 2K Sports’ equally popular NBA 2K series, the first NBA Live game to grace the next-gen platforms will feature a system is set to bring unprecedented realism to the sports simulation. According to Eddie Makuch of Gamespot, Electronic Arts has teamed up with a statistic-tracking company—a partnership that will ensure frequent updates to the game.

Essentially, this means that if Kobe Bryant suffers an injury in the non-virtual world, then that injury will be updated to his cyber counterpart in NBA Live.

Another technological innovation being brought to sports gaming are those in the upcoming EA football title, Madden 25. Meant to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the popular meta-series, the quarter-centennial celebration for Madden will feature exclusive content for the Xbox One, according to Gamespot.

Such content will allow a real-time experience that can be likened to that of the resurrected NBA Live series—one that may allow players to interact with actual broadcasted games.

Finally, the next generation of consoles may usher in a new era of competition between EA Sports and 2K Sports. The NBA Live franchise has returned, and NBA 2K is no longer the gamer’s only option for basketball gaming simulations.

But, the long since defunct NFL 2K franchise is rumored to return as competition for Madden. For many years, EA has held an exclusive right to make NFL licensed games. That agreement entering its final year, it has been speculated by fans that the NFL 2K series might have its first installation since the popular NFL 2K5 game—a football simulator that is still thought of as superior to recent Madden games by many devoted fans.

The future is on the horizon for sports gaming, and its new era on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One is certain to usher in new levels of competition and technological innovation.

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