Insiders Look At The 2013 MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game

Last night was a memorable All-Star Game to say the least. The night began with Matt Harvey, the 24 year old, Connecticut native and NY Mets budding superstar having a scoreless two-inning outing to kick off the game on his home turf. After a couple runs knocked in by the AL, the NL was left without the jumpstart they were in desperate need of, acquiring just 3 hits all night.

The AL ended up the winner, securing home field advantage for the World Series, but the real hero of the night was Mariano Rivera, who pitched a hitless 8th inning and receiving the MVP award for the night. Rivera made his final All-Star appearance, announcing earlier in the year he would be retiring at the seasons end. “That’s why I’m here,” said Rivera, after his first hold in 11 years, coming after 4 straight years of saves in an ASG. “That’s what I love to do.”

Oh, and Prince Fielder hit a triple.


Photo source:, Google Images, SB Nation, Yahoo Sports

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