Seinfeld Talks to Chris Rock: Rock’s Still Got it.

Jerry Seinfeld talks to Chris Rock, in his new, but classic ‘Comedians in Cars, Getting Coffe’, in which Jerry picks up one of his A-List comedian pals, in a classic sports car and talk about whatever’s on their mind. The show was a home run from episode 1, but it’s always a little bit more shocking how funny these guys actually are on a whim. I guess in a sense it’s like rappers “freestyling” these days, they’re just spitting out material, they’ve obviously written down a hundred times to a new beat and claim it as an “off-the-dome” session.

Even still with CICGC, you gain a true appreciation for the way a good comedian’s mind works. How they can look at nearly any subject, change the perspective of how you perceive it, then find a way to make it funny. How Rock can rant about how nonchalantly people ask him for money is a gem, and his take on bullying will undoubtedly be controversial, but in some cases is very true. It’s a little bit philosophy little bit comedy, with milk and two sugars.

Watch the Episode here 

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