The 25 Most Loyal Fanbases in College Football

As you know, successful teams must effectively engage their fans to drive both revenue and performance. Keeping this in mind, TicketCity created an algorithm (measuring social media and ticket data) to determine which college football teams across all conferences have the most engaged fan bases.

Michigan is #1 most engaged fan base in college football.

Michigan’s Coach Brady Hoke would be happy to see Michigan leading the pack in terms of fan engagement. In a June interview Hoke asserted that the Big Ten is near the level of the SEC. 1 of 3 Big 10 schools included in the top 10 ranking, but the SEC still dominates with 5 schools represented.

While the Michigan fans might not be as loud and boisterous as some of the other fanbases, Michigan now has led the country in attendance for 15 consecutive seasons. Luckily, the sheer size of the “The Big House” keeps the average ticket price lower comparative to other schools with very strong demand (they rank #8 for highest home ticket price).

It has been 16 years since the University of Michigan won a national championship in college football, but they are the kings when it comes to social media. They boast more than 1M Facebook likes, nearly 2x as many as the next largest following, Penn State. They know how to Tweet to- Michigan is also #1 for Twitter followers, with nearly 150K fans now tracking their handle.

LSU leads Alabama in the SEC.

Although Alabama is the clear leader in terms of game attendance and ticket demand, LSU’s robust online fan community help the Tigers grab the #1 spot. With more than 2x the Facebook fans compared to Alabama, LSU’s community is also highly engaged- more than 25k fans are “talking about” the Tigers on Facebook on a daily basis. LSU’s online prowess extends across social channels, with the most Twitter followers of any team in the SEC.

After their grand entrance into the SEC last year, A&M ranks above kingpin teams like Georgia and Florida.

A&M had the highest average capacity at games in 2012 of all teams in the SEC. Although they still fall behind in terms of average attendance both home and away compared to other teams at the top of the list, they’re filling their stadium better than some more established programs. It will be interesting to see if stadium renovations, which will make Kyle Field the biggest stadium in the SEC in 2015, will drive even more fans to attend Aggie games.

Aggies love Twitter. Despite their lackluster Facebook community, the Aggies have flocked to Twitter to discuss expectations for their second season in the conference (@AggieFootball has nearly 12x the followers of the team’s official Facebook page).

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