Insiders Look At Cristiano Ronaldo’s Day At Dodgers Game Captured On Vine

In preparation for Saturday’s International Champions Cup soccer match at Dodgers Stadium between Real Madrid (Spain) vs. L.A. Galaxy the Dodgers invited Real Madrid star Christiano Ronaldo out to the stadium to meet players and toss out the first pitch. Ronaldo’s first pitch was absolutely terrible but he shouldn’t feel too bad, the guy has made a mint with his feet. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened while at Dodgers Stadium. See below for a Vine videos capturing his day at the ballpark.

Someone really needs to sit Ronaldo down and talk about his hitting too.

Puig gave him a few pointers.

The highlight of his day was right before the first pitch when he showed off the footy skills by juggling a baseball with Puig.

Then the two switched over to a soccer ball. Keep in mind this is literally moments before the game. Anyone else would have been hustled off the field but Los Angeles being the city that it is let Christiano hang out on the field until seconds before the game started.

The man of the hour…