Seattle Sounders FC introduce Clint Dempsey, Seattle Sounders Style

The Seattle Sounders are quickly becoming the poster child for the MLS, with a team built around it’s loyal, bleed green and blue fans, the Sounders and it’s fans have made Century Link the most feared place for an opposing player to take the pitch in the MLS. Forged from the anger and lack of (quality teams) in Seattle, it’s cities patrons took a liking to the Sounders and embodied the cult like support European fans are known for.

It’s no surprise Dempsey struck a deal with Clint Dempsey, the newly appointed USMNT captain and overall best current player to sport the national team kit. Dempsey has a flair for the dramatic and passion that will only exude with the support of the Century Link army. Sounders majority owner, Joe Roth, revealed Dempsey to the fans professional wrestling style, with a 3 minute video to preface the reveal followed by a hoodie unzip. I would’ve liked to see a NWO wolfpack shirt under that hoodie, but Dempsy in a Sounders kit might be just as good.