This is the epitome of wealth, my friends. Pure unadulterated $190 million wealth. Copper Beech Farm has 15,000 square feet of living space, 7,000 square feet of basement and attic space, and an 1,800-foot-long driveway. Other features include a grass tennis court, many gardens, apple orchard, greenhouses, 75-foot-long heated pool, and a carriage house. Although it might look like an ordinary house, it was built in the 1890’s and has the same floorplan as the original with some functionality adjustments, such as a kitchen on the main floor next to the dining room. The original was in the basement, which was part of the staff quarters. I’m still not exactly sure how this home got the price tag, but Bill Gates, Mark Cuban and Pitbull, eat your heart out. A small part of me actually likes how modest (modest for $190 million). 

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