The Passer Rating for Every 4 Year NFL Starting Quarterback is Anchored by Mark Sanchez

There are 119 total instances of an ‪NFL‬ team going with the same quarterback for four years straight. No surprises down the list early, maybe Rich Gannon rated highter than Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, but Gannon was a serious gun slinger between 99-02 earning himself four pro-bowl spots and securing two pro-bowl MVPs. What is not surprising is the man at the very bottom of the list, Mr. Mark Sanchez, himself. This 4 year veteran has managed to gain himself the title for worst of the worst when it comes down to passer rating for a four year starter, even after taking his smash and defend team to the AFC Championship two years in a row. That’s lower than the dud of all-time duds, Joey Harrington. Calm down Giants fans, your boy, Eli is 32nd from the bottom. That drops him in the 87th spot. Somebody check the math on that.

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