Unboxing Xbox One

Here is your first look at the contents of the Xbox One box. Fully equipped with the Xbox One Day One edition – which includes a special Day One package, specially branded DAY ONE 2013 controller with chrome D-pad, and a Day One digital achievement. This will be available in limited quantities.

-The Day One edition of Xbox One is the version being unboxed in the video. It includes a special Day One packaging, unique controller, and a digital achievement. Quantities of the Day One edition will be limited at retail.
-The new Kinect will feature a 1080p camera, four-microphone array, and IR blasting functionality (for control of all your electronic devices).
-The Xbox One controller can switch to wired mode and work over Micro-USB without batteries. The same cord can be used to charge rechargeable batteries with the Play and Charge Kit.
-Chat quality has three times the sampling rate it did on Xbox 360. The new headset can be worn on either your left or right ear and will feature a bendable, rotating boom mic. Mute and volume functions can be toggled without taking your hands off the controller.
-An HDMI cable is included in the box.
-The Xbox One will support A/B/G/N wireless protocols as well as 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

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