Audi’s Futuristic Concept Car for ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie

Audi is no stranger to designing futuristic concept vehicles for sci-fi movies, take the I Robot  2035 RSQ Concept , but with Ender’s Game, the german car mantufacturer took a more Italian super car approach. The movie is set in a future about to be attacked by a hostile alien race. In preparation for the next inevitable attack, humans begin training their best young minds to find a leader. Ender Wiggin, the movie’s protagonist, is a humble, but brilliant military minded strategist (think a bad ass Harry potter) who is dubbed the next great hope for the human race. Based on the best-selling, award winning novel.

Virtuelle Vision: Audi fleet shuttle quattro fuer den Film ?Ender?s Game?

Audi got involved early on in the concepting of the film, combing it’s brand identity with the trends of this futuristic fictional world. “Designing the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro was comparable to tailoring a made-to-measure suit,” said Frank Rimili, Chief Designer for the film project. “We adapted it to the requirements of the world in ‘Ender’s Game’ and, at the same time, ensured that we preserved our brand values. Ultimately, we were able to project our design philosophy perfectly onto the fictional world of the movie.”





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