Larry David Supercut on Eighties Sketch Show

The Larry David we all know and love is a rosey cheeked, bald complaining funny man, who’s gotten used to puppeteering being the bud of his own jokes. His satirical sense of humor has catapulted him to the top of the comedic food chain, but we bet you didn’t know he was a character actor on an eighties sketch show, Fridays. Acting ‘out of character’ in the sense that we know him now, David would portray Han Solo, a crime fighting rabbi and even a shirtless wrestler. Larry Charles, a cowriter on Seinfeld and occasional director on Curb Your Enthusiasm was asked about working with him on Fridays, and told Huffington Post, “He’s a quality-control freak,” said Charles. “And it’s just hard for him to think about his experience [on the show] as something that he had quality control over.” Vulture created a lesser seen super-cut of his better known works on the show.

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