The Martin Jetpack Gets Aviation Approval

New Zealand based, Martin Aircraft, solidified it’s quest for manned jet pack glory having aviation regulators issue a flying permit, allowing for manned test flights. Chief Executive, Peter Coker said, “For us it’s a very important step because it moves it out of what I call a dream into something which I believe we’re now in a position to commercialise and take forward very quickly,”

The latest version of the Matin designs is the P12, which has made a vast array of changes since it’s last design, improving the pack significantly. “Changing the position of the jetpack’s ducts has resulted in a quantum leap in performance over the previous prototype, especially in terms of the aircraft’s maneuverability,” said Coker. A military and “first responder” emergency specialized jetpack should be ready for delivery by mid-2014. As far as a simpler version to be sold to the public, you’ll have to wait till 2015, but the pack doesn’t come cheap, so start saving. A personal jetpack should run you about $150,000-250,000 with a decrease over time.

For right now a manned pilot has gained approval to fly no more than 20 feet above land and 25 feet above water and only over uninhabited land.

photos via: Martin Jetpack