35 Shocking HQ Photos From Inside The Chaos Taking Place In Egypt

Egypt has descended into utter chaos. Just today news sources are reporting that hundreds of protestors have been killed. The situation in Egypt is extremely complicated and changing constantly. The arguments between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood go back over half a century and they are much more complicated than the press tends to give them credit for. If you haven’t been following along you can catch-up by checking out the sub-Reddit Explain To Me Like I’m Five or watch the video below where YouTube educational star Hank Green gives us the rundown as quickly as possible, it takes about 7 minutes.

Hank Green’s excellent explanation of the situation taking place in Egypt

The mantra of RSVLTS is educate, inform and entertain so we will take a break from posting Blurred Lines GIFS and focus on informing you with images from inside the protests so you can see how intense things really are. Disclaimer, some of these images are disturbing but it is important to see what is really happening over there.


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