Tori Hunter Steals Home From 2nd on a 2 Out, 3rd Strike Passed Ball

Tori “Willie Mayes Hayes” Hunter might have lost a step or two, but he has the experience and game awareness to make a critical heads up decision that only years of playing will teach. Two outs down as Prince Fielder had a 2-2 count against him in the bottom of the 7th inning and it looked as though Caleb Thielbar was going to get his team out of a bind. Thielbar took out Fielder on a nasty up and in 93 MPH fastball that just got by Ryan Doumitt, Fielder took notice and like all baseball players are taught in little league, run it out on a past ball. Thats where Tori Hunter’s baseball instincts take over.

Hunter was savvy enough to recognize Thielbar asleep at the mound and took an extra base, putting another notch on the Tigers belt.