57 MLB Stars Making More In 2013 Than The Entire Houston Astros Roster Combined

With a dismal .338 winning percentage the Houston Astros are, by far, the worst team in Major League Baseball this year. With that in mind credit must be given to Astros owner Jim Crane who, according to a report from Forbes Magazine, is on pace to make an estimated $99 million in operating income this season – more than any team in baseball’s history. That is nearly as much as the estimated operating income of the previous six World Series championship teams — combined.

How is this possible? The Astros started the 2013 season with a payroll of $26 million but have since cut that number to an astonishing $13 million. The team has only one player pulling in more than $1 million this year (Erik Bedard $1.15M). Couple that with soaring TV revenues and you have a very profitable business.

Fifty-seven major leaguers make more individually than the $13,000,000 the Astros’ current 25-man active payroll makes collectively. The New York Yankees alone pay nine players more than the Astros payroll. And leave it to Jason Bay, who is not even on a team and earns more than the all of the Astros thanks to an old contract with the New York Mets.

Here are all the players in MLB who earn more than the entire Astros team. If you feel like fact checking stats were pulled from Newsweek.com and Forbes.com.