Elon Musk isn’t building Hyperloop, but this guy might.


A brilliant, big-thinking, subtly accented, physicist turned financing pioneer turned engineer, self-made billionaire who has led the design of revolutionary cars and rockets,Elon Musk needs no introduction. So when, on Aug. 12, Musk unveiled his idea for a next-generation transportation system, it got the attention of about every news organization between Earth and Mars, where Musk hopes to aim his rockets one day.

Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla Motors, which he launched after cashing out of first billion-dollar idea, PayPal. Then Musk let slip the term “Hyperloop,” and he and the dozen SpaceX and Tesla Motors engineers amped up the effort. They modeled, mapped, quantified and qualified their way to the 57-page preliminary design study that garnered galactic coverage on that August Monday.

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